Friday, 14 September 2012

Chocolate and Coffee Beers

Round 1. Beers 3and4 will be Double Espresso Premio Caffe Bira v. Batemans Mocha
If I was really into coffee and/or chocolate beers I'd be looking forward to this.  But I'm not a massive fan.  The Double Espresso from Traditional Scottish Ales gives off a massive coffee aroma and had me salavating.  Poured very dark with a low carbonation, this is a great coffee beer. Smooth and sweet with vanilla hints, this beer scores a well deserved 7/10.

Bateman's Mocha next.  Not looking forward to this. Bateman's beers tend to be over sweet for my palate but I do like my chocolate!

The other question is whether I should also test the Manchester Star Ale as I see its also got "chocolate flavours".  This will be a 7.3% beer. The previous 2 were both 6%.

The Bateman's. It had a very strange aroma. Not nice like the Espresso. Not as dark and more fiz too. And not as smooth. There is chocolate there but there's the Bateman's characteristic sweet background which makes me think this beer doesn't know what it is.  Consequently its not half as good as the Espresso. 4/10

Manchester Star Ale next (some time tonight anyway).

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