Sunday, 16 September 2012

Round 1 Beers Summary

Here's my Round 1 beers summary from Sainsbury's Beer Hunt 2012.  Beer details at Sainsbury's
Join in any time you want!

Beers 1and2. White Lady v. Prodigal Sun <- WINNER

Beers3,4and5  Double Espresso Premio Caffe Bira v. Batemans Mocha v. JWLees Manchester Star Ale
The Espresso beat Bateman's.  Now its up against the Manchester Star Ale.

Beers6,7and8 will be the battle of the clear-bottled-beers, this taste test being prompted by Bailey's comments in his blog at
The beers are Elgood's Indian Summer, Cotleigh Snowy and Wadworth's Horizon.

Beers9,10and11 will be ruby and brown  beers Brain's Willy Nilly, Dot Goodbody's Blissful Brown Ale (Wye Valley) and Ridgeway Brewing Co. Ivanhoe.

The IPAs et al tasting will then follow.

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